God Sends An Angel

Sometimes in our efforts to find God in our everyday life, we discover that God has found us instead.

My week had not started off very well. I received an email from one of my online accounts confirming an order that I had not made. And it was being shipped to somebody I didn’t know.

My account had been hacked.

I spent many hours over the next couple of days changing passwords and checking other accounts for suspicious activity.

In a way, I felt violated. Very similar to the feeling I had when our house had been robbed many years ago. How dare someone steal what little I have?

In the meantime, I was also trying to find decent plane fares for my mother. We had planned on splitting the cost for her to fly down to spend a little time with us. We have not seen each other in a few years. But even that was stressing me out because the fares are so expensive these days.

Then one afternoon I picked up the mail and found an envelope from my best friend, Bonnie. Bonnie and I have known each other for over 50 years. We grew up together and are still best friends.

I was curious about the note because we email each other on a regular basis and it wasn’t my birthday! So I opened the envelope right away and in that envelope was a check for $200. I was so surprised! I could not figure out why Bonnie had sent me this money.

And then I read the note. Bonnie had put the money in a cute little card that said – “I am glad we’re friends.” And then she wrote that she wanted to help me buy my mother’s ticket. She said that she loved both of us and she wanted to invest in this mother-daughter time.

It was really the reminder that I needed. The reminder that while I am not rich in money, I am rich in other things.

God is always with us and we need not worry about anything. For no matter what happens, when we least expect it, God will send us an angel.

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  1. What a blessing!

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