Home Sweet Home

We sold our mobile home and started looking for a condo to rent. We were not having much luck. Every time we found a place online, we would call and discover that a contract had just been signed. It was like someone was always one step ahead of us.

Time was running out and I was worried that we would have to settle for some place we didn’t really like. We were so anxious to find our new home.

After a couple of weeks, there was one place we were still waiting to see. It was the first place we had looked at, but only from the outside. We had not been able to get inside because they were repainting and putting in new carpet.

We were afraid to be too hopeful, only to be disappointed again. The day before our appointment to see the condo, I prayed that the Lord would give us some sign. We didn’t want to pick some place out of desperation. We wanted to be sure.

Finally the day came. We walked into the condo, looked around and looked at each other. We knew it immediately. This was the place for us.

God had been giving us signs all along. All of those places that we just missed out on seeing – they were more than just a coincidence. They were God-incidents.  We weren’t supposed to choose those.

The first place we had seen had been the right place all along.

We were home.


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