Keep the Faith

I was feeling a bit stressed as I packed for moving. It all seemed so overwhelming.
Not just the work that needs to be done but the doubts that sneak into my mind as I ask  – are we doing the right thing? Did we pick the right place?
What a nervous nellie I can be!
I am in the middle of packing. I am tried, irritable, stressed out. I start grumbling to God. Or maybe I am whining.
Sorry, Jesus, I mumble. Help me get a new attitude!
I am going through all my dresser drawers, cleaning them out. Many of them just filled with stuff that I don’t need any more.
Why do I keep all of this junk, I ask myself. Well, it is not all junk, but it seems like it is right now.
Then I pull something out of a drawer that looks like some kind of medal. The surface of it has a carving of an angel. I have no recollection of where I got it.
Curious, I turn it over to look at the other side. The words on the back immediately grab my heart –
Keep the Faith.
Uh huh. I get the message. Thank you, Lord.

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