The View from My Kitchen Sink

Did you ever hear of or read about Brother Lawrence?

He was a lay brother in a Carmelite monastery in Paris in the 1600’s. He worked in the kitchen among the pots and pans, talking to God daily. He grew to have an intimate relationship with God and people started to seek him out for spiritual guidance.

Many of Brother Lawrence’s beautiful and inspiring sayings were recorded in a little book written after his death called – The Practice of the Presence of God.

Here is a quote that really speaks to my heart:

“I am pleased when I can take a straw from the ground simply for the love of God, seeking Him only and nothing else.”

I was reminded of Brother Lawrence the other day as I was washing dinner dishes. My husband had a meeting at church and I was by myself, just musing and daydreaming.

I looked up from what I was doing and I saw the beautiful sky and the canal outside our patio windows. I remember thanking God for the view from my kitchen sink!

That was when Brother Lawrence came to mind. Standing there among my pots and pans, I knew what he meant about practicing the presence of God in the midst of our everyday stuff.

Brother Lawrence told us – “We ought not to be weary in doing little things for the love of God. For God does not regard the greatness of the work but the love with which it is performed.”  


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