St. Therese’s Desk

St Therese Desk

I love St. Therese of Lisieux. I have loved her for years. I call her my first saint.
After I converted to Catholicism, I was not too interested in the saints. I wasn’t sure I would ever be interested. I just didn’t get it.
Then someone gave me a copy of St. Therese’s book, Story of a Soul. And that was it. She grabbed my heart.
I had met my first saint. And she opened up so many doors for me. I was able to see God as a loving Father. I was able to understand the spirituality of being like a child. And to be confident in God’s mercy.
And of course, God’s awesome gift of the communion of saints.
This is some of what she has taught me.
So, when I heard that a local Catholic church was going to have St Therese’s writing desk there for one day, I knew I had to go see it. This desk was the desk she used to do all of her writing, including her manuscripts that became the book, Story of a Soul.
St. Therese found this run down writing desk in the attic. She gave her nicer newer desk to another nun. She would place the writing desk in her lap and write her letters and her manuscripts, etc.
As luck would have it, or should I say grace, my mother was visiting me. She is not Catholic but she is a deaconess in the protestant church and was more than happy to go. And she enjoyed learning about St. Therese and seeing the desk. You can see a picture of the desk at the beginning of this blog post.
The priest who brought the desk from Lisieux, the first time it has ever been allowed out of the monastery, invited us to put our names in the drawer of the desk. The names will be placed at St. Therese’s grave and prayers will be said for us.
Here is one of my favorite quotes from St Therese –

“To call God my Father and to know myself His Child, that is Heaven to me.” – St. Thérèse

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  1. What a blessing! Her desk was here in Milwaukee, too, last month, but I wasn’t able to go see it. I love that your mom went with you. What great evangelization! St. Therese is a saint for everyone! Love her! Thanks for posting this amazing picture and this story.

  2. I thank GOD OUR LOVING FATHER for your blog,ihave the story of a soul which I have not read yet but I will pick it up and read it.i was away from the church for a long time but GOD OUR FATHER lead me back after many years of being away and after many years of being angry with the church I was born and raised in.but little by little the HOLY SPIRIT led me and showed me my I see the awesome beauty and the working of the HOLY SPIRIT in the church in people’s life’s. I thank GOD OUR LOVING FATHER for your obedience for I am always blessed by the HOLY SPIRIT by your blog at just the right moment when I need encouragement yes it is the working of our LOVING FATHER ,praise and glory .

  3. The older I get the more I feel like God’s little child. St. Therese inspired me through her writings, too. Isn’t it interesting that this young cloistered saint who wanted to be a missionary is now a missionary to the whole world? God does indeed work in strange ways.

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