God Heals Broken Hearts

broken heart

My heart has been broken. Not the big major forever kind of break. A break that will heal. In very short order, I assume.
But still it is broken.
When someone I love disappoints me, it hurts. Even the little kind of disappointments can hurt. And then I start doubting myself. Had I expected too much? Did I speak up when I should have? (probably not) Am I important to this person at all?
Do I matter?
How many times do we ask that question throughout our lives? Do I matter?
I have learned through the years, that scripture can help me through some really tough times.
Lamentations is particularly a good book to read if you are feeling really depressed and/or hurt. Especially chapter 3. This is for big time hurts! But the complaining turns into hope and that is the part I love. Because with God, there is always hope.

The LORD is my portion, I tell myself,
therefore I will hope in him.
The LORD is good to those who trust in him,
to the one that seeks him; – Lamentations 3:24-25

But this time, the one that seems to be helping me most is from Psalm 147.

The LORD rebuilds Jerusalem,
and gathers the dispersed of Israel,
Healing the brokenhearted,
and binding up their wounds. Psalm 147:2-3

And then there is this –

He brings peace to your borders,
and satisfies you with finest wheat. Psalm 147:14

Peace to my borders. I like that.
With God there is always hope. There is always healing. Even with big time hurts.

Even with broken hearts.

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