Jesus, I Choose to Trust You

God is in everything. We find him not only in the happy stories of our life. But also the dark depressing places. Those places where we least expect to find him. But He is there. Always there. Carrying us through the difficult times.

I wrote this letter to Jesus today –

Dear Jesus,
I am feeling sad today. Weepy.
I know you are with me in my sadness. I have a good reason to feel this way.
I could be angry at you. You could fix this problem. But I am not angry. I choose to trust you, Jesus.
I choose to trust you.
My brother sent me a picture of my sister. She lost tons of weight. She has aged so much. Only 54 years old but she looks much older. There have been tests done but there is no diagnosis. She has been depressed for most of her life. Unable to care for herself now, she lives in a nursing home. Only 54 years old.
I know you love her even more than I do. I know that. I know that you are holding her even as I write this. She struggles with her faith. She asks questions. She is searching. Even though she does not sense your closeness, I do.
Even though she is not sure of you, I am.
I feel so helpless, Jesus. I cannot solve this. I cannot make things all better, but I know you can.
Jesus, I know you are holding her. I know it because the picture is of my sister and my brother. He has his arm around her.
Oh Lord, please don’t let her ever be alone.
She’s my sister.

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  1. Lord, fill her with Your grace and peace of soul. Heal her heart and help her to accept the love of Colleen and her brother…and Your love. St. Dymphna, pray for her.

  2. Barb, thanks for your prayer!

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