He Loves Me

I was sitting at Mass and I looked down underneath the pew in front of me and saw what looked to be a host. On the floor.
I was sick. To think someone would do this bothered me, but I know it happens sometimes.
I barely heard the rest of the homily. Tears came to my eyes. Why would someone do this?
I stood to join the congregation in reciting the Nicene Creed and many thoughts went through my mind. Should I bring it to the sacristy? Or should I just consume it? No one was sitting right in front of me so I thought I could probably get it without calling attention to myself.
After some back and forth discussion in my head, I decided it would be better to consume it. That way, others would not see it and it seemed safer that way. Less chance of dropping it which I didn’t want to do. Bad enough it was sitting there on the floor, under the pew, where someone could step on it.
How could someone do this to our Lord?
When I sat down again after the Prayer of the Faithful, I then pulled down the kneeler in front of me, knelt on it and reached toward the host. And I almost cried with relief. It was not a host.
I picked it up off the floor and looked at it. It was a round sticker. The sticky side was white and it was the right size for a host. The other side had a picture of a little girl and the words – He loves me – John 3:16.
Yes, indeed. He loves me.
Jesus, thank you for your message of love.

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