Are You Blind?

I do this podcast called Finding God in the everyday. And that is what I usually do – try to stay aware, try to keep my eyes open, try to find God in my every day life. 
I am having a hard time with it lately. I know God is there. It doesn’t really have anything to do with faith.
It is about my vision. My eyesight. My awareness. None of these things are working very well. They must need fixing.
Because I don’t seem to be able to find God in my everyday life.
Deep down, I know what the problem is. I know what the cure is too.
I am not paying attention. I am too busy. I am too stressed. I am putting the wrong things first.
This past year I published an ebook called First Things First, A Personal retreat Journal. It is all about how I need to put God first before all other things.
Uh huh.
This advent seems to be a particularly busy and stressful time. Even more so than usual. Thanksgiving came rather late in the month, which made advent seem short. On top of that, we had just moved to our new place. Not quite settled yet.
Everything about planning for Christmas seems to be a bit discombobulated.
Where to put the tree. Where to put the decorations. What gifts to buy. Etc etc. etc.
Work is also busy. I work in a church office. So guess what? Advent also seems a bit short for us to be able to do what we need to do and prepare for. I seem to be running behind on everything.
Then I come home from work and collapse.
But now I sit here sharing all of this with you, and I realize. I am not putting first things first. I am not putting Jesus before the gift wrapping. I am not putting HIm before the cooking and tree trimming.
I am not putting Jesus before the list of things to do. At work AND at home. They may or may not go smoother if I do, but one thing for sure, putting Jesus first reminds me of what is really important.
And what is really important is Him. The Lord of my Life. The One who loves me through it all.
Even when I am deaf and blind.
So where did I find God today?
In my husband who was joyful as he surprised me with my favorite chocolate chip cookies that he baked for me.
I found God in the store employee who helped me today and was so gracious in spite of being busy himself.
And I found God tonight in the moon that hung so low in the sky, I felt like I could almost touch it.
And I found God within me. The God who said – hey, wait a minute! Slow down. Spend some time with me.
I’m right here.
Yes he is. He is right here with all of us. We just need to open our eyes and see.

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  1. Been there. We have to watch the negative message that we must be perfect as in getting everything done, responding to every demand, etc. That’s a sure sign we need to slow down.I have to ask myself, will the world end if I don’t get this finished? Then I have to laugh at myself. Silly to think I’m all that. At busy times like this we need to sneak away to some quiet place and talk to Jesus. Ask Him to help us refocus and show us what he wants us to be doing right now. Merry Christmas and thanks for being there.

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