I Sent the Wrong File

It was late. I had a deadline to meet. And I was tired. I needed to get one more gospel reflection finished. So I stayed up late and finally, at 1 am, I emailed the finished article to the editors and went to bed.
As I felt myself drifting off to sleep, I heard these words (in the back of my mind) – You sent the wrong file.
I remember thinking that I should get up and check the email that I had just sent. But I fell asleep before I could get out of bed.
The minute I woke up the next morning, I heard those words again  – You sent the wrong file.
So I got out of bed, grabbed my laptop and placed it by my bathroom sink as I washed up and got ready to go to work. The first chance I got, I checked my email.
Guess what?
I had sent the wrong file.
I had sent my working file. The one I use to try different wording or different ideas. It was not a complete article at all. And totally different from my final draft. Oh dear. This was embarrassing.
I quickly found the right file and I emailed it to one of the editors with an explanation and my apologies. And I deleted that working file.
Later in the day, I received an email from the other editor telling me I had not finished the article! So I had to explain it all and I sent the new email again. This time they got it. And all was well.
Still, I had egg on my face.
The good news is, they were good sports about it.
And yet again, God got my attention so I could fix my mistake as soon as possible. For I have no doubt at all that it was the Holy Spirit whispering those words in my ears, You sent the wrong file.
And who said God does not care about the everyday details of our lives?
Boy, do I have a story to tell them.

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  1. I love the way God minds every little thing we are doing. We are so blessed by our loving Father.

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