Sit and Think

Life has been crazy lately. Work is just so busy.
So how can I find God when I feel like this? I am hardly paying attention. I have no time or energy. I am just too tired.
One day last week when I came home from work, I saw a couple of residents standing in the parking lot that I had not met yet. We have some winter residents who only stay part of the year.
I introduced myself and one of them said, “I am so happy to finally meet you.” And the other one said, “We are so happy to have you and your husband here.”
I thanked them, we exchanged a few pleasantries and I walked into my home where my loving husband was waiting. Ready to spoil me with a great dinner.
And I thought, How can I say that I don’t find God? He is everywhere.
As St. Therese said,  “Everything is grace.”
I have been reading a book called “Cloister Talks: Learning from my Friends, the Monks,” by Jon Sweeney. A monk tells Jon that he needs to “sit and think. Find time to just sit and think. Otherwise, your work, whatever it will be, will be shallow.”
Gee, was that meant for me?
Sit and think. That is what I need to do. I know I need to do that. I want to do that. But life gets so crazy doesn’t it?
The day I am writing this I get my daily reflection question from the Benedictine sisters of Mount Scholastica. (You can sign up for daily text messages from them). Today’s question – “Am I committed to resting daily to refresh myself and let the quiet be re-creative?”
Sigh. OK Lord. Your servant is listening.

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