Grace is Everywhere

Last week, R., one of our beloved daughters-in-law, was driving home alone from a trip out of town, when a major storm hit the middle of our state (Florida). She was right in the middle of it and became too anxious to drive and she pulled off the interstate to wait it out in a restaurant.
My youngest son, who lives about 40 miles away from where she was, drove through the storm to go sit with her so she wouldn’t be alone. When it became clear to him, even after the storm had calmed down, that she did not want to get back on the road, he drove her to his home to stay with him and his wife.
Then my son got up before dawn, and drove her back to get her car, all before he had to go to work.
My daughter-in-law was so grateful, that she had to tell me about it. And she wanted me to know that I had raised an amazing young man.
I was not surprised that he had done this. But I appreciated hearing about it. We always love hearing about our children doing such awesome things for others. I felt so proud of him.
And then a memory came back to me from years ago, when my son was very young, before kindergarten days. My stepson and his wife, R., often babysat my sons whenever we needed them. And my sons adored being with them. They always considered it a treat.
So now, years later, when my daughter-in-law was not comfortable being alone, it is not really surprising that my son would be there. Sitting there. Keeping her company. Giving her a safe place to stay.
It is the kind of thing my son would do anyway. But still, there is some kind of message there for me. I am not sure what it is. Maybe it is just a way for God to remind me that we are not alone.
I do know that it takes a village to raise a child. In our case, we were our own village. A stepfamily with 6 children and now 17 grandchildren, we all have struggled to make it work somehow. And in the middle of that struggle, Love is there.
Love and family and God.
Grace is everywhere.

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  1. Maybe on lesson is that as a good mom, you have raised a great and righteous son. This is what parents are supposed to do, but many fail to love their kids enough. Your son is a light to the world that Jesus says we should be.

  2. Barb, thank you so much, You are right. He is surely a light.

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