Walking with God

Sometimes, when God wants to get my attention, he whispers in my ear. Other times it feels like he is aiming a four by four right between my eyes. (My spiritual director came up with that description and it works for me.)
As Lent loomed closer, I was praying for some direction. I asked Jesus what he wanted from me. What book should I read, what prayer should I pray? What is Jesus asking from me? What does He want me to change?
I pray. I look at different options. I look at my bookshelves. And I pray some more. Finally I choose to follow a Benedictine “theme”. I read a book from a Benedictine monk with reflections and scripture and quotes from the Benedictine Rule. And I read a book of reflections on the Rule.
As Lent begins, I look at the pile of books near my chair that I had been reading or using for meditation. One book is called Walk with Me. Another book is called Walking with Mary. And the book I chose for Lent? Pilgrim Road -A Benedictine Journey Through Lent.
Am I on a journey or what?
So do you think the Lord is trying to tell me something?
I think this is one of those four by four times.

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  1. I so love having the Benedictine Rule and charism woven through my life, informing my actions. I didn’t know there was such a book as the one you mentioned. What a great resource to have for Lent!

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