Goodnight God


full moon small


I love going out on my patio at night and looking up at the moon and the stars. Sometimes there is just a black empty sky and other times it is full of stars. And I especially love looking at the moon.
And I say a little prayer and say goodnight to God.
This one night I was worried about a lot of stupid things and just felt so tense and anxious. I went out on the patio and I saw the most beautiful night sky I had seen in a long time.
The moon was full and there were many clouds, all in a circle around the moon. Like a frame.
I praised the Lord, thanking Him for such a gift, for such beauty. Tears came to my eyes as the tension slowly left me.
Before I went to bed, I read an evening meditation from Fr James Martin on his Facebook page. He wrote about the beauty of creation and asked if we were as curious about God’s world as we were when we were children.
And then he asked us to think of something that captivated us by its beauty or mystery and to “thank God for the ability to be amazed.”
Ahh. Another God-incidence.
Well, Lord, I am thanking you for the ability to be amazed.

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