I went to reconciliation last Saturday. It was the Feast of the Visitation.
For penance, the priest told me to spend some time with Mary that day. Later, when I had some alone time, I started thinking of ways I could do that. I’m not a rosary person. Rote prayer is too dry for me.
So what to do? Read scripture? Then it hit me. I had been in the middle of a book on Mary before lent started and had not picked it up since.
So I grabbed the book and sat down on the couch and opened up to the bookmarked page.
It was the chapter on the Visitation.
Okay. No longer questioning how I should spend time with Mary, I eagerly read the chapter. Soaking it all in. Each word tugging at my heart strings.
And when I was finished, I found my new favorite Magnificat song called, you guessed it, Magnificat, by Todd Agnew. And, my hands raised in the air, (charismatic or not, I doubt anyone can sing this song without raising their hands to God), I sang the words Mary said to Elizabeth that day.
If anyone had walked in the room, they would have thought I had lost my mind. But I wouldn’t have cared.
Best. Penance. Ever.


image Wikimedia Commons – public domain – artist James Tissot

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