Surprise Comes In the Mail


Got a letter the other day. I cannot remember the last time I got a handwritten letter from someone, sent to me through snail mail! Awesome.
It was from a deacon’s wife. Her husband had been in diaconate formation with my husband. We wives were encouraged to attend classes and formation weekends with our husbands so we spent a lot of time together during those years.
After our husbands were ordained, we did not see as much of each other as we live in different areas of the diocese.
So this letter came out of the blue. Don’t you love surprises like that?
She had come across some old issues of Catholic Digest from years ago. She was reading one of them and wouldn’t you know? There was an article in there from me! It was about how my father-in-law had influenced me and been a good role model. He was one of the people who had led me to the Catholic faith.
So she felt moved to write me. You must have had a wonderful father-in-law, she wrote.
It was so nice to get a letter like that from out of the blue and to read those nice words she wrote about Dad.
When I am trying to discern what God wants me to do or where He wants me to go,  often joke that I wish God used email. Perhaps this was better. An friend dropping me a note out of the blue.
So I wonder, is there someone in your life who needs a letter today? Or maybe just a nice surprise from you? How about sending a handwritten note?
You might just make their day.

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