You know the ones I mean. Those nudges that come from the Holy Spirit. Those gentle urges when God is trying to get our attention, but is not in a real hurry about it … yet.
The Holy Spirit is gentle, but also persistent. If times goes on and I keep ignoring those nudges, then God starts nagging me. He knows that eventually I will say yes.
It is as if God is saying – “Hey, I know you are a little hesitant about doing this, but you keep telling me you want to do my will and I am trying to tell you in a gentle way that this is my will. And I am not going to change my mind.”
God is patient. He waits. And keeps bringing His request back to me. And eventually I give in and do what it was that he wanted me to do in the first place. Then I write about it to let people know that our God is awesome.
So why don’t I just do His will to begin with?
I am writing about this because I have been receiving nudges lately. I think I am supposed to get a spiritual director. After all, I am a spiritual director so I should have one. Unfortunately they are few and far between.
So I kept procrastinating. And then recently my husband suggested that I get a spiritual director.
I surrender.
I have an appointment next week with someone whose name just “popped” into my mind.
Or it was nudged there.
Did I mention that our God is an awesome God?

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  1. I love this. I want a spiritual director but around here none are to be had. So if God gives you a spiritual director, I can take vicarious advantage of it because of your writing. I hope your appointment works out well.

  2. Thank you, Barb! Spiritual directors are hard to find, but it seems that God has led me to this person, so we will see! I will share!

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