My Sister’s Friend

I was visiting my sister in the nursing home recently. We (my family) were talking to the social worker about ways to make her more comfortable and happy. My brother brought up the name of a friend that my sister had known since childhood. We know they have not see each other in years.

We gave the social worker her name and she said she would do her best to find her. She left the room and we discussed a few more things with a nurse.

Suddenly the social worker comes back into the room and says, “You will never believe this!” And behind her stands another old friend of my sister! She was visiting her at the time. In fact, she had been visiting my sister for months, unbeknownst to us. Somehow she had found out my sister was there and she had been coming every couple of weeks or so.

And there she was, visiting with my sister on the same day and at the same time we were all there, discussing my sister’s care with the staff.

And, to make things even better, she also happens to know the friend we are looking for and said, not to worry, she would find her!

We all began crying, and hugging each other. We knew in that moment we were not alone. Someone else loved our sister (and mother and daughter).

God is good.

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  1. My dear Colleen. What is your sister’s name? I will remember her in my prayers. 

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  2. Thank you. Her name is Cindy.

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