Once Upon A Time

I look out at the night sky, filled with stars. I remember my father, when I was a little girl, teaching me about constellations. I have never forgotten those nights we stood at the end of the driveway and looked up at the sky.
It is a one of the happy memories of time spent with my father. One that has stayed with me my whole life.

I think God helps me to remember those times so I will remember there was another side to my father. So I will remember that once upon a time there was a father who taught his young daughter about the stars in the heavens and taught her to look up at the sky.

I remember one night, years later, looking up at the skies and seeing more stars than I had ever seen at one time. I was suddenly overcome by the knowledge of God’s love for me. A Father who loves me unconditionally. A Father who made the heavens and the earth. A Father who put those stars up in the sky, to show his daughter how much He loves her.

Not just once upon a time.

Every day and forever.

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  1. I think love for our parents is somehow hard wired into us, along with a sense of what a father and mother ought to be to us as children. That’s why betrayal by a parent who sexually abuses a child is so devastating. What’s great is to know in our bones that our heavenly Father is a true Father who loves us beyond anything we can imagine. And then there’s St. Joseph who is a father to us as we are brothers and sisters of Christ by adoption. I count on him a lot.

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