Time for Resting

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It has been way too long since I posted here. My month has been crazy. I have been so busy. Way too busy.

Have I seen God in my every day? Absolutely! But I haven’t taken time to write it down or pray about it or even record a podcast about it. It is that time of year when I really have to remember what is most important. I can get too carried away by my to-do list and miss God entirely.

So where have I seen God today?

1. My hubby had to go to Mass and to the Rite of Election in our diocese. I went to Mass yesterday so he let me sleep in today and left quietly. He also left dinner all made. I only have to heat it up an hour before he gets home. How awesome is that? I have had a crazy week and now I am having a Colleen day.

2. The weather is beautiful. Sunny and breezy. I have opened up windows and doors. The breeze feels good. So does the sun.

3. I am feeling drawn to read books about prayer. After working diligently on the retreat talks I gave yesterday, I can now take the time to read. I love to read. It helps me in my prayer life and my ministry of writing. I have not sat down to read a book in weeks. It is time. Way past time.I am going to stop writing and go get a book,

There is a time for everything. Today is a time for resting.

(Image by James Tissot, public domain)

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  1. Thanks Colleen I find Time can be my Friend or my worst enemy, depending on where I am at in my relationships with God and people. Talk to you soon. God Be With You . Barbara C.

  2. So glad you’re getting Colleen time. I just wrote a post from a column by Father Oscar Lukefahr, CM, on re-programming your brain for Lent. In it he gives a link to some Vincentian Catholic Home Study Service programs. The one he recommended in his column is “We Pray: Living in God’s Presence.” For more info you can go to http://www.amm.org/chss. I thought you’d find this interesting. I signed up for the course.

  3. Thanks for the comment and for the info on that course.

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