The Accident

I was worried. Really worried.
My husband had gone to meet a few other deacons for dinner. I was being lazy, in my pajamas, eating dinner and watching the news when a breaking news story came on about a fatal car crash. The crash happened on the route my husband would have taken to go to dinner. The time was just about the time he would have been in that area. And the car was silver, like our car.
Oh no. Lord, help.
I didn’t want to call him because his phone is not working too well lately and if he didn’t answer, I would be a basket case. Besides, I can be such a worry wart and I knew I just needed to take some deep breaths. And calm down.
I tried to distract myself but I was not doing a very good job. After about 90 minutes of worrying, I grabbed my cell phone just to see if I got any message of any kind.
And there, on the front of my phone was a message that my credit card had just been used at the restaurant where my husband had gone for dinner.
I have never been so happy to see a credit card payment in my whole life.
He was ok. I could relax. Which I did, thanking God every minute as I waited for him to come home.
And one more thing, I just got that credit card app on my phone a couple of days before this happened.
Another God-incidence.

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  1. The Lord looks after us in so many little ways. Glad your husband was not in a crash. Prayers for the one(s) who died.

  2. Barb, yes, amen! And I add my prayers to yours. I’ve thought about them a lot and their families. Thank you for your comment!

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