4th of July

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God has a way of sending us reminders in ways that we don’t expect.
I am as patriotic as the next person. I have always been so. I love my country. And I am proud of my country. Most of the time.
However, there are things that disappoint me. Certainly politics. Attitudes. Morals. Growing hatred and prejudice against Christians.
And then, the 4th of July comes along and I watch the Boston Pops play the 1812 Overture and and I forget our problems. At least for a day.
I grew up in New England. I grew up watching the Boston Pops on the 4th of July. Other bands play the 1812 Overture but no one plays it like the Boston Pops.
And as I watched it this year, tears came to my eyes and I thought, OK. This country has problems, but it is my home. I cannot give up. I need to continue to pray and to fight for what is right.
I will not grow discouraged. I will look for the good and do what I can to change the bad.
And when I get down about it all, I will watch the video of the Boston Pops. There is comfort in knowing that some things never change.


(image via Morguefile)

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  1. Certain things of beauty and order, which always point to the immutability of the Divine, are a great comfort in times of disorder and chaos. Great music and great art are numbered among these, and thank God for that! Msgr. Pope had a very comforting post on living in times like these you might find comforting and inspiring: http://blog.adw.org/2015/06/in-times-like-these-a-scriptural-guide-to-for-those-who-live-in-troubled-and-confused-times/. And the Boston Pops is great. If it weren’t for TV, most of us would never have the pleasure of seeing them when we were growing up, or enjoying them today on the internet.

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