Forever and Two Days

Forever and Two Days

We celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary this year. And as usual, it was simple and lovely. Dinner out. Cards with just the right words on them.

We have always celebrated our anniversaries in a simple way. Simple yet meaningful and always memorable. A love like ours does not need fancy gifts and expensive trips. We just need each other. Plain and simple.

Just the two of us. Enjoying each other’s company. Celebrating the love we have shared that grows stronger every day.

As usual I found the perfect card. It was simply stated but said everything I wanted to say. And then I read the card my husband gave me and it was very similar. Plain and simple and yet said so much. Everything he wanted to say.

And we signed them as we always do – Love Forever and 2 days.

Just in case “forever” is not long enough.

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  1. What a lovely story. Nothing beats fidelity, kindness, and caring between husband and wife.

    • Thank you, Barb. We lead a simple life, loving each other and our family and God. I am blessed. Thank you for your faithful comments on my podcast blog here. I will come visit your blog soon.

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