The Altar

Our pastor preached about the Mass today. He explained the beginning part of Mass and what each gesture meant. He will continue with the different parts of Mass over the next few Sundays.

He has done this before and I have always enjoyed it. I often forget what the different parts mean and I learn to love the Mass all over again. Perhaps I take it for granted or I don’t pay attention or I don’t think about what is going on. I hate to admit that but I have a feeling I am not alone.

Today Father explained why the priests and deacons kiss the altar at the beginning and end of Mass. The altar symbolizes Christ and is also the place where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will take place. This kiss shows reverence for Christ and also to the altar.

I already knew this. I have heard it explained many times before, but today the explanation was so moving to me. It was as if I really understood it in my heart. And to then watch the priest and my husband kiss the altar at the end of Mass moved me even more.

Since then, I pay more attention to that altar. I pay more attention to its meaning and symbolism. It is more than just a table. I look at it before Mass starts and I wait for the kiss at the beginning of Mass. And I say thank you, Lord.

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  1. “It is more than just a table.” This needs to be emphasized in the Church today. The altar cloths symbolize the marriage bed of Christ and the Church, also. We who are gathered to assist in the offering of the Holy Sacrifice are the members of one family in Christ and thus should reverence one another in HIm. In the Extraordinary Form we have 3 altar cloths but I’ve forgotten the symbolism of the three..

  2. Hi Colleen,  I remember Father John giving that homily.  You are right, as I read your email,  it brought back several memories and lessons. I surely miss him. Thank you for sharing.  God’s blessing to you as we celebrate 25 wonderful years with St Katharine’s parish. I wish I could be there.  Love and prayers. Susan Wagener 

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