St. Therese Sends Rose Petals

It happened during spiritual direction. A woman (I will call Jane) was talking to me about a situation with a co-worker. The co-worker was difficult to work with and Jane was concerned about working with her.
I suddenly thought of St. Therese. I remembered her story about another nun in her monastery who had been rather difficult to get along with. Therese decided to treat her with extra kindness. It was her way of being “little.” Of surrendering herself to the Lord.
Then I remembered something else.
In 1999 St. Therese’s reliquary was being brought to churches throughout the United States. My husband, Rich, and I were able to visit one of the churches and had touched the reliquary with a rose. When we got home, Rich had taken some of the rose petals from that rose and put them in little frames with a prayer. We passed them out to family and friends.
When we recently moved, we discovered that we still had 2 of these left and I had given one to someone. Now I had one more left and it was on my desk just outside of the office where Jane and I were talking.
I went out to my desk to get it and then gave it to Jane. I told Jane the story about the petals and then I told her how St Therese had dealt with difficult nuns she had lived with.
And I said to Jane – Perhaps St. Therese will help you deal with her difficult co-worker.
It was just one of those moments when you just know God is there and the Holy Spirit is leading you.
I think we both wanted to cry.
Tears of joy, of course.

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