Finding God

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I have not submitted a new podcast for several weeks.
Yes, I have been busy.
Yes, I have had a lot on my mind.
But I have also had a hard time writing about God in my everyday life. I trust that he is there but I have not been able to wrap my mind about it, never mind my words.
Perhaps it is because I have not taken enough time to just sit in silence and listen.
Perhaps it is because I have allowed other things to become more important.
Whatever it is, I have to go back to taking that time with God that I so desperately want … and need.
I have to go back to putting the time with God first, before anything else.
I have to go back to making that time with God my priority.
So I can see his presence in my life. Every day.


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  1. Good morning Colleen. I’m sure that the news about Father John’s transfer has been difficult to deal with. Not only are you being separated from your pastor, but a dear friend.  I still miss him, but God will strengthen your heart! Prayer is our only weapon against despair! Know my prayers are with you and the parish as well as with our dearest Father John.  Just think how blessed Bryn Mawr is going to be with his spiritual guidance.  God bless you my friend. Sue Wagener 

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  2. Big changes or challenges in our lives can easily distract us from that time with God. And sometimes it’s a steady drip of little things that take us away from our routine of sitting in silence or doing our spiritual reading or whatnot. I can sure identify with what you’ve written here. You are not alone and I think we have to strengthen one another at these times. For sure, since cancer surgery and starting my teaching job, making major changes in managing our food life, to say nothing of health challenges my husband currently faces, I’ve been severely distracted from my prayer life since last September. All I’ve been getting done is the Divine Office and a bit of daily spiritual reading. I think about going to visit Jesus at church, which is only 10 minutes away, but never seem to make it, and it’s locked all too often when I have stopped, which is discouraging. I wish my guardian angel would hit me over the head with a frying pan and tell me to stop and listen! I can be so determined about some things, why not about this? My fall back in all of this is, “Lord, teach me what You want me to know.” There’s a lesson in this somewhere, I’m sure.

    • Yes I’m also sure there is a lesson. I can so relate to what you are saying. Thank you for your comment. I thought that if I shared, others would know they’re not alone. You’re in my prayers.

  3. You have been missed. I do love hearing your messages.
    praying for you.

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