Mother’s Day

I spent Mother’s Day with my mother this year. For many people that is probably not too unusual. But for us, it was so special because it was the first one we had celebrated together in over 35 years!
Hard to believe? It was hard for me to believe it, too.
When I was 24, I moved hundreds of miles away. I had planned on returning to my home state after a year but I met my husband-to-be and that was all she wrote. I had a new home state.
Mom and I have managed to visit each other almost every year or two when we could afford it. We call every week and now we even text each other every day, sharing the daily ordinary things. Those daily things that I have missed out on. Technology has been a way for us to feel like we live next door to each other. A true gift.
This year, Mom set the dates that she was coming to visit. As I set about making plans for different activities we could do together, I suddenly realized that she was coming the week of Mother’s Day.
And that was when it hit me.
It was to be our first Mother’s Day together since I moved away.
My mother loves theater so we went to a dinner theater that day and saw “Funny Girl”. She loves musicals and had never seen the movie. So after enjoying the stage production, we came home and watched the movie.
The rest of the week was indeed a joy. Both of us had been feeling overtired and overworked in our day to day lives, so we just relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company. We went to Mass and prayed together. We told stories and laughed together.
Because we have lived so far apart for so many years, we never take our time together for granted. It is always special.
But this year had that little something extra – the blessings of mother and daughter, celebrating mothers on Mothers Day.
Thank you, Jesus.

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